Databases for Identifying Additional VCs

List of Databases For Sourcing VCs

There are thousands of VCs in the US, and many of them may be especially interested if your business is in their geographic area. Networking can be a helpful approach to improve the quality of your leads as well.

Crunchbase: Crunchbase is great to see which sorts of companies VCs have invested in, and even identify VCs that may be in your space/area.

Eventbrite: Many VCs will attend networking events for entrepreneurs or pitch competitions or other events. Check out which events are being hosted in your region that could be relevant to you and you may be able to connect with VCs in a more personal fashion.

LinkedIn: As you meet founders and VCs, it can be a good practice to connect with them on LinkedIn. You can ask entrepreneurs you've connected with for advice, or introductions to VCs. VC is a surprisingly small world, and you may be surprised how many VCs you may know as 2nd connections just through fellow entrepreneurs.